Characterisation and effects of micro- and nanoscale components and their impact on efficiency of chemical additives

The project’s focus is developing a methodology that will provide new knowledge and process control capabilities concerning nano- and microscale fibrillar wood-pulp material in the papermaking process. This fibrillar material is always present in wood pulps but can today also be added, and it has a significant impact on mechanical product properties and material performance of the fibre-based products. By improving these properties, it is possible to fabricate products using less raw material without impeding end-user performance, a principle often referred to as “light-weighting”, which typically also results in a reduced drying energy demand. As an added benefit, the methodology and knowledge can improve the process control possibilities allowing reduced use of chemical additives and improved process robustness.

Project partners:

KTH, Billerud, Holmen, SCA, Stora Enso




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