Up-scaling hot-pressing systems to manufacture strong and water-resistant products from biobased raw materials

The project is a contribution to a biobased economy as the focus is on replacing fossil-based plastics and producing resource effective packaging solutions made of renewable fibres. Based on research performed by FSCN at Mid Sweden University and MoRe Research in lab and pilot-scale we will perform extended research with focus on optimizing the design of manufacturing systems making recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, biobased products replacing the present fossil- based plastics. Our solution may be implemented in the industry looking for ways of replacing plastics in different types of packaging materials as well as light-weight materials used in buildings.

The research work will mainly be performed on test pilots at MoRe Research-RISE, Sweden and partly at full scale devises at Ipco’s site in Göppingen, Germany. The equipment for studying 2D products is a steel belt based hot-pressing test pilot. The test for studying 3D molded pulp will first be done on same hot-pressing test pilot as for tests in 2D, and thereafter in a full-scale equipment for molding. The studies will focus on runnability of the hot-pressing process and optimization of mechanical properties. The goal is to contribute with knowledge for a future operating window in an up-scaling process. Tests will be performed in to solve problems with paper and chemicals sticking to hot surfaces and water transport from the moist paper web. Spray nozzles will be tested to be able to apply water for re-humidification, release chemicals and functional chemicals with them. Utilizing the knowledge from 2D hotpress technique we will to go from 2D making of wet stable papers to 3D formed packaging solutions.

Project partners:

Mid Sweden university, MoRe Research (RISE), IPCO, Holmen, Celwise




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