Höstkonferens 2023

The 2nd Fall conference on the 25th of October 2023 gathered again the researchers and industrial partners, this time in Stockholm at KTH.

Introduced by greetings from the BioInnovation (Sverker Danielsson) and the newly started partner research industrial school Exact (Agne Swerin), the conference took off with an inspiring biorefinery vision conveyed by one of the founders of the program, Hans Theliander, followed by research updates from the RSP projects.

Discussions on delignification hurdles, lignin foams, pulp washing, alignment of fibrillar material during paper making, folding of lignin molecules, black liquor scaling during evaporation, dialcohol cellulose fibers and many more – both technical and scientific – topics were moderated by Mattias Johansson (Billerud) and Rickard Wadsborn (Stora Enso).

We are looking forward to a continued work!